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Ever dreamt of having a personalized boba station?

For events with over 100 drinks, we can assemble a boba station at your event where on-site baristas can make drinks to order.

How does it work?

Choose from a variety of drink choices - our collection of premium teas, milk options (lactose-free, soy milk, almond milk), as well as our original list of fruity or flower flavors. Then, choose which kinds of toppings would suit the drinks the best - we are here to help you find the best cup of tea! (Minimum 25 drinks per flavor)

Additionally, choose which size of cups seems best for your event. Finally, on the day, our baristas will be there to serve fresh boba and interact with you and your guests for the best boba experience right at your event!

Fill out the form below for more info!

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you to confirm your event.

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